How to Open An Hong Kong Business Without Living Or Going There

In the past, one was able to open a company in HK without being a Hong Kong resident. But today, unless you are planning to stay in Hong Kong, you can only just open up a Limited Company. As we stated, you can go to Hong Kong and open the business on your own. Nevertheless the authorities require your company to have a workplace for your company set up in Hong Kong.

The good thing is that you don’t have to rent an office and get a secretary. There are many agencies which will be ready to offer this support for you for a fee. They can help to keep cost low since the same person may be a secretary for a number of companies. This is actually the same way to get an office for your business.

Furthermore, you can open up your business without even planning a trip to HK (E- registration and Paper application both are allowed). You will give all your details simply by email or telephone with the agency of your decision, send all the necessary files by email, pay through by PayPal, credit cards or bank transfer, and you can send all documents to them through a courier service.

Offshore Online Business: Incorporating a Global Business

It is a good idea to start your business overseas, specifically one that is online based. If you incorporate your HK business correctly, it offers a legal method to avoid tax obligations (much like an IRA), and also allowing a much low liability.

An internet business does not have any limitations concerning just how and exactly where it could conduct business, so why if you let your company be tied to a something that you can avoid? Beginning an offshore online business is an excellent way to develop streams of income outside of your home country.

Why might you want to have income channels beyond your nation? Well, when inflation goes bad in one place, having money stream abroad in a more powerful currency could be a choice.

If hyperinflation would find its way to your country, which is a real risk all over the world , making a little part of your investment in another country is invaluable.

Offshore Organization Formation: Intricacies

There are a large number of countries, such as for example Hong Kong, Singapore and the Virgin Island that provide a great business environment with many legal tax benefits.

The most important thing that you need to do is ask for advice from a professional tax attorney ( a person who knows international taxes law) in your home country. In addition, do your homework to comprehend the advantages of offshore courtiers.

After you have done your homework for your company set up in Hong Kong, it is possible to undergo the whole incorporation process online in most states, and you may setup your offshore organization in less than a couple of days. You often start the procedure with registering your company name and using the right documentation. The next phase, after this, is to open a bank-account or merchant account for your business.
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